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As Kenya's leading provider of pest control, our technicians have the expertise to protect homes and businesses from pest problemsIndustrial Pest Control by Arrow Termite and  Pest Control Kenya Pest Control Services in nairobi kenya-long-term commitment of providing the ultimate pest control service for residential properties and commercial businesses around the Nairobi Kenya .Arrow Pest Control residential   services has the experience and expertise to deal with all types of pest issues and preventative measure no matter the scale of the problem

Arrow Termite   and Pest Control Kenya  realizes how sensitive, yet critical, pest management is in today's public facilities. There are a number of potential health concerns, for you, your employees and customers, such as: the antigens in cast skins of cockroaches that can cause allergic reactions in occupants' respiratory systems; rodent feces that aid in the transmission of many dangerous viruses; rodents that carry deer ticks. On the other hand, you have been pressured by today's environmental issues to reduce pesticide use in and around your facility.

The Solution? Call Arrow Termite  and Pest Control Kenya  today and we will customize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for your business. IPM is a long-term strategy designed to keep pest population levels below desirable thresholds through inspections, sanitation recommendations, biological, mechanical, and cultural controls, exclusion and the judicious use of materials if necessary

Inspection: Our trained and licensed personnel perform a thorough, meticulous examination of the facility to determine pest presence, density, and population levels. We observe the cultural habits of your staff and the construction of your building in order to customize a plan that best fits your business' needs. Then we conclude our investigation by having a contact person meet with the decision makers on your staff to discuss any special concerns you may have.

Plan Design: When composing the program, we take into consideration all results of the initial inspection. We determine the frequency of future inspections, develop thresholds, and appoint a special contact person at your facility, who then becomes an integral part of the monitoring process.

Treatment Specifications: At this point, we compose procedures for pest population level reduction. Control measures commence with our intensive initial service along with any exclusion methods we are using. And as pest population levels drop below the desired threshold, monitoring for both rodents and pests continue.

Service and Evaluation: We constantly review and evaluate the program as it progresses. Supervisors and our on-staff Licensed Professionals will periodically be on-site to track success rates, make recommendations, and address your concerns.