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Fly Catchers and other pest control services in kenya

Fly Catcher is an electrical discharge insect control system that help in controlling insects or bugs that causes major havoc in places like eatery restaurants, food court etc.This is a very economical solution to keep away insects and flies away from eating areas, food courts, restaurants, in malls, at super markets, at homes etc. This electric discharge control system is eco friendly and absolutely harmless as it does not discharge any harmful chemicals into the environment, it does not even make any annoying noise

While you have fun outdoor many insects gets to have a royal party at your kitchen which is a unhygienic habit and leads to detoriation of health and degradation of the food, If you own a restaurant, insects gets to have free meals, this might not be a healthy sign and might be a major turn off for the customers. Well are you worried…!!?

Relax, this trendy smart eco friendly machine comes to your aid. Fly Catcher is a electronic insect control system, the basic idea being that insects getting attracted to light, this is used as a principle of working in this fly control system. The lights are cascaded with grids, the inner grid is electrically charged and when the fly tries to get inside to reach the light they get trapped into the mesh. It comes in compact trendy sizes and variants .They are also found in sizes of large air conditioner sizes.
The sizes can be chosen based on the requirements and they are quiet affordable. They come with a compact charger with few hours of backup. They also are low on electricity consumption and economical in maintenance.With the ease of use and with the flexibility in maintenance it is so adaptive and well suitable home appliance.

As the fly approaches toward the light, it penetrates the space between the wire-mesh grids and completes the electric circuit. Hence only when the fly rushes through the circuit the circuit gets completed, it is absolutely safe even when kids are around. A High-v¬oltage electric current flows through the insect and destroys it. Whenever this happens there is a loud sound, but definitely this is not as very much annoying like the other machines. Bug zappers can attract and destroy more than the average amount of insects that can be killed by repellents or coils. Usually the Bug zappers do not differentiate between types of insects, but because of their light attracting mechanism, they tend to kill those insects that are most attracted to ultraviolet light. Mosquitoes, unfortunately, are not attracted to ultraviolet light.

Hence modifications and further enhancement is being carried out by the R&D team and experiments being carried out based on trials and testing methodologies. So why wait when you can keep your place away from insects, pests and bugs. This trendy machine can be purchased online by placing an order or they can be purchased from a retail outlet. A large chain of distributors are being provided to gain easy access to the product.