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Arrow Commercial Pest Control Services

In-Depth Pest Control Solutions
Arrow termite has been managing the commercial pest control needs of commercial and industrial clients  For many years back. Our arrow kenya pest control specialists provide custom-tailored solutions to address each client's unique needs and environmental requirements.

Our goal is to surpass your expectations by applying over 40 years of industry experience and knowledge to your most vexing pest issues— to save time, money and frustration. The pcpb Licensed commercial pest control specialists at Arrow are passionate about what they do, and will spend the extra time required to develop comprehensive strategies to ensure that your business remains pest free for good.

At Arrow we are vigilant about using the highest quality products and innovative technologies because we know that without them problems can reemerge. We always take a consultative approach, taking all your concerns into consideration and never "over fixing." At Arrow we fix what others can't. Using innovative Integrated Pest Management methods, we will even eliminate pest issues in sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

pre-termite control cost of labour   and chemicals wil as per  any written or unwritten agreement  per terms of []as per/quote is   ksh 80 per metre square on application of 1liter per running square metre on  100litre conc of 1litre or  405 per  sqm on 5litres solution per 1SQM on 100l SOLUTION OF 1LITRE.  Failure  in application on arrival  upon acceptance is penalized at 8.5% of quoted amount and and breakage  of any  product is paid too

Property Management
At Arrow Environmental, we take great pride in providing pest control and wood destroying insect control programs for your property. Our New branches in east africa offer pest control programs for managed properties will keep insects, rodents and other pests at bay using efficient, unobtrusive means so your tenants and clients will never raise an eyebrow.

Arrow Termite and Pest Control Kenya Limited

Arrow Solutions Include:
Independent shops
Department stores
Chain stores

Public and private schools
Colleges and universities
Daycare centers

Medical offices