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Carpenter Ants Eradication by Arrow Termite Kenya Pest Control. Arrow Pest Control Company in Kenya | Effective Pest Control & Fumigation Services for homes & businesses. Pest Control Kenya is Kenyan based pest control .

Want to know how to kill carpenter ants?

Here you will find basic carpenter ant information, product recommendations and easy to follow instructions. These ants can cause property damage to a structure. They usually invade wet, decayed wood but they can tunnel through dry undamaged wood as well.

Learn where carpenter ants like to hang out.

Carpenter ants can and will establish a nest inside and outside of any type of structure. You can locate in some cases satellite or parent colonies outside a structure, these will be located in tree stumps, landscape timbers, wood piles or moist damp wood. You can locate trails in the early morning or early evening when the carpenter ants are foraging, locate the trails back and forth from parent colony and structure. Typically the interior locations of the carpenter ants will be near a moisture source kitchen, or bath areas. Look for an area that maybe gets more moisture from rain runoff then other areas of the structure.

Carpenter ants enter structures though openings or cracks while foraging for food.

TERMITE CONTROL SOLUTIONS - Arrow Pest Control and Fumigation Company based in Nairobi Kenya.

Termites are an insect species that consume wood and other cellulose materials. Although some structures are more prone to termite attack every house is susceptible to potential termite invasion. Many homeowners worry about fire or flooding, but termite damage is actually much more common.

Even if your home is built primarily of brick or stone, you can still find yourself with a termite problem, because structural supports as well as other building components are constructed of wood and other cellulose containing materials.
Over time, termite damage can become significant. Termite damage weakens wood which can eventually lead to costly repairs and structural failure.

The appearance of large numbers of winged adults carpenter ants inside a structure indicates that the nest or nests exists indoors. Carpenter Ants don't eat wood, but they eat proteins and sugars. Carpenter ant wood damage is caused by tunneling into the structure. Once inside, they will try and locate a water source, food and use wood for their nest.

Carpenter Ants can leave "frass" behind, providing clues to their nesting location. If this complex nest happens to be a wall void within your home, structural damage can and will result. Moisture and controlling it is important when managing this species. Arrow Pest Control and Fumigation Company, the leading experts in pest control, is located in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize in Pest Control and Eradication